Blue Breadboard Company

- water - energy - blue economy - future-proof solutions -

Blue Breadboard Company is an agile provider of green economic (market and business) development services

in Europe and in emerging economies

We focus on practical solutions that make the transition from traditional to new business and market models successful. Typical challenges are: how to bridge the gap between green solutions and the short-term financial demands; how to effectively prepare for climate change effects; how to select the best mix of efficiency and resource-recovery measures; and how to design and implement triple-bottom-line (economic, socio-environmental) initiatives that can actually scale-up.

Our services are bespoke, modular and based on a market systems approach

Key sectors: water & wastewater management in coastal areas or at islands, and ocean energy

Products and services - for public/private programmes and funds:

  • Strategic and operational tools for: policy development, valorisation planning, (pre-) feasibility studies, market scans, value chain analysis, business case development, finance/investment planning, risk management, team & competence building

  • Fund- & project management, such as: due diligence, bench-marking, performance tracking (monitoring & evaluation), quality control, asset management, risk management, circular economy design

  • Market and innovation development (public or internal): policy development, guidance and implementation from conception to KPI tracking with change management

  • Financial, investment & risk management advisory and implementation

  • Tendering & contract services, such as: preparation of tender documentation, bid evaluation, contract management

Products and services - for start-ups / spin-offs, businesses and market support organisations:

  • Consultancy in:

      • Transitions (lab - start-up - commercial - growth stage)

      • Investment and finance

      • New business model implementation (smart, service enhanced products)

      • Commercialization, marketing and sales

      • Joint ventures, partnerships, M&A

  • Linkages with:

      • Hubs/clusters development

      • Financiers and public funding

      • Technology marketplaces

      • Export and internationalisation

Blue Breadboard Company has extensive international experience

  • In Europe: European Commission, in a range of EU Member States and active in many (transnational and non-EU) regions

  • In neighbouring countries of Europe

  • In South-Asia, the Far East and in southern Africa

Blue Breadboard Company is light-footed, goes where the customer is

Based in Madrid (ES) and Brussels (BE)